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Arrow Markets brings a new paradigm to options trading on Avalanche, combining centralized efficiency and on-chain transparency.
Our RFQ (Request for Quote) enables traders to request quotes from multiple market makers with a single click, providing a simpler, faster, and more secure trading experience.


A single numeraire is used to settle all contingent claims. This means underliers can be on-chain or off-chain.


Code is Law that replaces centralized settlement.


Customize and combine options, call spreads, and put spreads.

The Technology Suite

The Arrow protocol implements pricing using an RFQ (Request for Quote) system with trusted market-making partners. Market Makers (MMs) seamlessly provide quotes for option contracts through an API. The creation and settlement of contracts occur on Avalanche's C-chain, and settlement is triggered by Chainlink Automation nodes.

Our Team

The Arrow Research Group was founded in 2020 by Patrick Kiefer and Edward Mehrez. Both are financial economists by training. At Cornell's Initiative for CryptoCurrencies and Contracts (IC3) workshop in July 2020, Patrick and Edward were joined by Austin Liu and Preston Rozwood to produce a nascent version of the Arrow protocol.

Patrick Kiefer

Ph.D. in Finance from UCLA Anderson SOM, applied math undergrad. Formerly at Rayliant Global Advisors.

Edward Mehrez

Previously at MKP. Math and Economics at UCLA and Ph.D. in Economics at Cornell (on-leave).
Core Team

Terrence Addison

Software Engineer
Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from National Tsing Hua University. Former full-stack Engineer

Osama Arshad

Frontend Engineer
Previously a Frontend Lead at SocialTech.ai. Computer Science Bachelors from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NUCES).

Dheeraj Chakilam

Chief Product Officer
Previously a Software Engineer at Jet.com. Master's and Bachelor's in Computer Science and Mathematics from Cornell University.

Dmytro Matviienko

Smart Contract Developer
Software Engineer with 12 years of experience, and has worked in the blockchain industry since 2018. BS in Computer Science from Conestoga College.

Michael Schuck

Growth Hacker
Studied Business Administration at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. Previously Marketing, Communications, and Governance for Regenerative Finance Projects. Project Development for NFTs.

Antenhe Tena

Smart Contract Developer
Computer Science, Information Technology Infrastructure, and Communication Studies at the University of Minnesota. Previously a Software Engineer at Accenture.

Ata Türkoğlu

Quantitative Researcher
Formerly an alpha researcher in high frequency predictive modeling of traditional financial assets. PhD. in Computational Finance from University of Essex.
Advisors and Consultants

Ayan Bhattacharya

Market Design Advisor
Faculty at UChicago. Previously, managed Structured Products desk for Goldman Sachs' joint venture Kotak Securities and faculty at CUNY-Baruch. PhD (Finance) Cornell, MS (Applied Math) Stanford.

Jeremy Coupe

Quantitative Researcher
BS in Mathematics from the University of San Francisco, MS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the UCSC. Recipient of the 2020 NASA Superior Accomplishment Award.

Arrow is built
on Avalanche

Avalanche is an advanced-generation blockchain that is optimized for financial transactions and runs the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Check out our talk to the Avalanche community:
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