The next generation of options markets

The Arrow protocol democratizes the entire options trading pipeline, from market making to brokering to clearing and settlement.Launch Beta


Trade options on AVAX, ETH, LINK, and BTC using our intuitive option recommendation system or our pro-trader interface.


Contribute to the insurance pool as a liquidity provider and participate in the democratization of options trading.

Optimize profit based on your price forecast of your favorite assets like AVAX, ETH, LINK, and BTC.

State of the art hedging engine

Front-Running Resistant

Transactions on Arrow are resistant to front-running because our contracts are deployed on the Avalanche C-chain
Cuts Out the Middleman
Stakers take gains that HFTs would make in traditional finance
Option Recommender
Our option recommender system picks the best option for users looking for a simplified options trading experience
Pro traders can view entire option chains and customize their exposures
Embedded Leverage
Options allow you to gain leveraged exposure to price movements for cheaper than buying or selling the asset itself

Simplifies the Options Trading Experience

Our intuitive option recommendation engine requires only your price forecast, automatically picking the option that maximizes your payoff
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The next generation of options trading.